Guys never approach me in school?

If guys never approach me anywhere in college, how am I supposed to find somebody? The only places they might hit on me are inappropriate places like in the train station or someplace very random.

Maybe I'm incredibly unlucky in love and maybe I'm never meant to have a partner in life...

Please don't tell me to start approaching guys, because I will never ever do that.

For those girls who rarely have guys approach you, how did you eventually find your current partner?

I consider myself not a stereotypical pretty girl, but not ugly either (just somewhere in the middle in terms of looks) therefore, I don't believe guys aren't approaching me because they're intimidated.

Oh, and I also don't have any friends, if that tells you anything.

People often tell me I give off an independent vibe, whatever that may mean...


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you are in college then I'm almost certain they offer social dance classes an you will have a chane to meet lots of different types of guys in those


What Girls Said 1

  • don't put yourself down if guys don't come up to you sometimes alotta guys will find you attractive but just don't come up to you because there shy I would just say be confident and sooner or later they will talk to you