How do I really "ask someone out"?

I'm in high school, and although I've been on multiple dates with multiple girls, I've never had a "girlfriend." I guess I'm just not familiar with how that kind of relationship happens. I mean, there was a girl I dated all summer, but she never identified me as her boyfriend, and vice versa. My relationships, although they go well, never get serious, and I don't really know why. For example, many of my friends are FBO, but that has never even come up in conversation with a girl and me. Anyone can answer.


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  • When you've been seeing a girl for a while, and you'd like to become exclusive, you just have that talk with her. Usually during a romantic moment. Tell her that you really like her and you'd like to be exclusive (i.e. you want to be her boyfriend), and ask her what she thinks about that.

    • thats terrible...set him up for rejection more

    • His post hasn't suggested at all that he has a problem with rejection, just with things becoming serious. And they're not becoming serious because he's not asking. The girls are most likely thinking he's not interested and moving on.

  • It's because you are not bringing it up to them. If you suggest becoming official boyfriend and girlfriend, you may be very surprised at their answer (most will say yes if you are already dating them).

    I agree with vmw2008, the girls probably are just moving on because you aren't talking to them about it. And it's not setting yourself up for rejection because you are already dating so they should want to be exclusive with you.


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