Nervous about kissing this guy?

So basically me and this guy have started going out and are going to kiss sometime today. But the thing is I have never kissed anyone before and don't know what to do. Like where do you put your hands and know when to stop and what not?


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  • First of all kissing is nothing to worry about. Your hands can be on his shoulder only one tho, and on his ribs slow strokes up and down. Maybe put your hand on his thigh depending on how far you want to take it.

    If you want him to kiss you your body language will play a roll in this. So have positive body language! Give him signals, like when talking lean in a little more. Small stares at his eyes then mouth. These are subconscious signals to anyone they want to be kissed.

    As for the hole mouth thing I take it your good in that area. Good luck

  • well you can kiss me if you want lol jk but you put your hands on his penis and balls and suk them

    • "...but you put your hands on his penis and balls and suck them"

      That's only if she doesn't already know the guy.

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