Mixing business with pleasure, good or bad idea?

Long story short, met this guy, gave me his number. I've heard he was a personal trainer...Anyway he doesn't know I know! I really want to get to know him better and I want to lose a pound or 2 before an upcoming wedding. I was thinking next time I see him of subtly saying something a long the lines of, "I have a wedding coming up and want to get in to shape so I've been looking for a personal trainer." Then see if he offers his services :p The reason I don't want to ask him straight up is in case he says his busy (he's currently studying medicine, works, promotes at a place, social butterfly and gyms!) so I don't know if he'll be able to fit it in. What do you think? Is it even a good idea to mix these two things together, I mean I would technically become his client and I don't want to ruin my chances!


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  • No don't have him as a PT, because it is etiquette most PT's stand by, and that is they don't date clients or they don't make someone a client they want to date, so your best bet is to seek another PT in the gym, and maybe just not let him know about this, but you have the right idea, its generally a no in this situation, and like you say, "dont want to spoil my chances" so be safe rather than sorry, good luck,x

    • Thank you! May I ask for your opinion once more :p This is the question, we both go to the same gym and I've been avoiding him like the plague, cut down my work outs and even changed sessions! Does it matter if we see each other at the gym? or should I keep avoiding him?

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    • He actually asked me why he hadn't seen me at the gym lately! I guess I will stop avoiding him and keep the PT question to myself if I see him. Thanks! :)

    • Your welcome,x

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