It's okay if we don't text every day, right?

I've met a guy about three weeks ago and our mutual friends have helped us create this "thing" between us out of our attraction for each other. We're been talking a lot and we're going out on Friday, but we're not texting every day, that doesn't suggest that one of us isn't interested, right?


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  • how sexually orientated are your messages? Its okay to have breaks, but usually when your chirpsing someone, there isn't much of a gap between replies, unless they're on Pay as you go.


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  • This depends on how long you two aren't talking between texting. Usually if a guy really likes you he will text you a lot to the point it gets annoying lol.

  • If you haven't really met or gotten to know each other yet I would say it's okay. But, after that you should be talking more, assuming it goes well.

    • We've met and hung out twice with all of out other friends but he said that the purpose of the date would be to get to know each other better.. is it still okay? :P

    • I guess for now, but you should really watch it after the date. You shouldn't go more than a day or two without talking IMO

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