Do You Guys Like Commitment or Prefer Casual?

So me, I'm not all for the commitment thing, and I figured guys would love that. I'm starting to think not... It seems like some are only pretending they're okay with it, and I try not to talk about the other guys I date- I'm not completely dumb- but it comes up. I'm honest, I never lie or try to hide the other guys.

Some seem to get jealous and I'm starting to think I've been misled about guys liking casual. So I figured I'd ask you guys. Do you prefer having someone to call your girlfriend or do you prefer the casual dating of single life? Am I wrong to ask to be casual?

Maybe there are some of you who thought you wanted casual but then decided you didn't like the thought of this girl kissing other guys? Oh, and no, I don't sleep with any of them. Kissing is as far as it goes. Friendly dates and that's all.

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  • Commitment. Casual sucks.

    • Why does casual suck? What's so wng with it?

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    • Yeah, but it seems like committing yourself to someone only brings pain in the end. They hurt you or you hurt them. You can't really hurt someone if you're just casual.

    • It can bring pain, but that's only if both are immature and there's a lack of communication, trust, and love. And, tbh, at your age, that's very VERY common. Hormones raging and whatnot. Hell, it's very common for awhile. But a REAL relationship? So great. Never think it's going to end and do your best to never hurt them. If you get hurt or feel you hurt them talk about it and work it out. Communication is key.

      But I won't be a coward and not go for commitment outta fear of pain.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Committed, coschmichted. You get committed to an insane asylum; similarly with a 'relationship'.

  • Commitment, please.

  • Depends on the girl.

  • Depends on the girl. I've met plenty of girls that I would love to be in a committed relationship with but they are already taken.


What Girls Said 1

  • I like casual, but I also like exclusivity.

    • Seems a bit contradicting. Would you mind clarifying?

    • I like to take things slowly and not feel pressure to put labels on anything, but I also am not totally comfortable with being non-exclusive with someone I care about.

    • Okay. thank you.