Is the saying "I don't date "X" but it depends on the person" false?

you've all heard of the saying "I usually don't date "X" but it depends on the person", in which X can be anything from height, intelligence, wealth, race, or any other preference.

I personally don't agree with this statement. I think it is UP TO YOU and not the person who influences your decision to date. Its due to your perception that you don't find the person attractive not because of their level of attractiveness. I know there are features that are desirable such as hygiene, assertiveness, etc... but overall you decide what you want to see and not see. You analyze things either positively or negatively despite the feature ex. height, is desirable to you or not.

Do you think the saying is b.s or true?


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  • Is the saying "I don't date "X" but it depends on the person" false? Not generally

    Do you think the saying is b.s or true? True or b.s. depending on the person.

    There are things people find undesirable and depending on how important the trait is if a person who has that undesirable trait has other worthwhile traits that compensate/override it then the undesirable trait doesn't matter as much.

    To me it's up to you and the person.

    You- how important X is...some things to people just can't be overriden/compensated for.

    The person- if they have other trait(s) can override/compensate for X.

    Ex: X wasn't that important & the person could override/compensate for X

    A girl doesn't date guys shorter than her but there's a really nice & confident & rich guy who is shorter than her and she dates him.

    Ex: X wasn't that important & the person couldn't override/compensate for X

    A girl doesn't date introverts but there's a really nice introvert guy...doesn't matter his niceness is not enough to override/compensate for it.

    Ex: X is important no compensating for it

    A guy doesn't date fatties but there's a personality compatible, really nice, sweet, kind, mother/wife material fat girl he enjoys spending time with and has fun with...he still won't date her because she's a fattie


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  • You are correct. People want to seem open-minded about relationships. If you blatantly say "I will never ever date a person with X characteristic," people tend to respond negatively, saying you are being overly judgmental or shallow or prejudiced or whatever else. So people skirt around the issue. But in the end, everyone has a "type" whether they admit it or not. It could be very broad or very specific, but EVERYONE has a type and people with rarely, if ever, date outside of their type.

    It's not necessarily a bad thing to have preferences. You can't make yourself be attracted to someone if you are not. But it's better to acknowledge the things that you won't compromise on and be honest about it.

  • i completely agree with you. I think it is BS


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  • Thing is bro, everyone has a list of things that they like, whether or not they're even conscious of all of them... and if a guy is charming, rich, attractive, amazingly well hung, nice to his mom, but just a little short, women are going to be inclined to look over that.

    That's what they mean when they say "it depends on the person"... Just like with any other decision that people make, what it comes down to is if the positives outweigh the negatives.

  • Reword it...

    My preferences are Y but I could go against that if I found a good partner.

    I love curvy women, could I date a skinny woman: Yes.

    Have I fallen for a skinny woman before: I have crushed on a few, and loved one.

    I prefer educated women, could I date a woman who just has a GED: Yes

    I prefer pasty white women, could I date a black or Asian woman: Yes definitely

    I prefer women shorter than me, could I date someone taller: Yes

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