He's stopped all contact

A few months ago I met a guy through a dating website. We got on really well and spoke and messaged each other regularly. He works aborad but would often talk about meeting up when he got back. We also spoke through skype a couple of times. Then suddenly everything stopped. I noticed he'd deleted me from his blackberry messenger, which we mostly used to speak with and although I sent him a request to readd him he hasn't reponded. I've sent emails with no reply and when I tried to call his moblie it went straight to answer phone. I've also noticed his facebokk profile had dissapeared. It's like he's dropped off the planet! I just don't understand why he would do this as we were (or seemed to be) getting on so well. I feel really hurt and angry and just want to know what I did wrong.

Can anyone help?


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  • A possible scenario is that you weren't the only one that he was talking to all this time. In fact, he probably talked to 1-2 other girls while talking to you. As he got closer to one girl and got in a relationship with her, he began to delete you from his accounts and blocked you on Facebook to "run away." Therefore, you are lost and asking "what did I do wrong?"

    That's the only scenario that I could think of.

    Sorry to hear. =/


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  • I agree 100% with Tryce. The next time you meet someone on a dating site get to know more than one guy, and believe it or not some married people get on them because they are bored.


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  • he's not interested. just move on