Theres a girl you once dated and after a while off you realize she's the only one for you, let her know that and let her know how much you love her and she tells you she no longer has feelings for you like that. Is it at all possible that she could eventually see me that way again?


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  • Yes, but it's not likely. It would depend on why she doesn't share those feelings with you right now.


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  • Not usually. Once it's gone it usually stays gone.

    • Yea I mean she told me it wasn't me that it was her. That she has just changed and things aren't the same. I don't know I wish I could do anything to get her back and I feel dumb for not really wanting to move on but like I said I do truly love her so I feel like I should just wait for her. Maybe it's hopeless but she's worth it all.

    • Even if it's not you and it's her because she changed she will probably stay changed. People change for a reason, to grow and better themselves, they don't usually go back to who they used to be. My feelings changed once and I wanted to go back to how they used to be so bad, I tried for a year and it didn't happen. It killed me just as much as him. If you think there's a chance then give it a shot or you will always regret that you didn't and wonder "what if." Just don't waste too much time

    • True. I definitely appreciate the advice and to hear it from someone speaking from experience! Thanks for your time

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  • It's possible. But don't hold your breath.

    You've changed since then, she's changed.

    There's no rewind button for life.

    Your best option is to move on.