You set a date with someone but they keep cancelling on you?

Has this happened to anyone?

I met a guy on a dating site recently and was supposed to meet last Saturday,but he got called into work. Then we tried rescheduling for today,but as luck would have it,he had to cancel AGAIN!

I'm not mad or anything,as it is a work thing. Just wondering if anyone else have been through this. Btw,it would've been our first date:)


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  • Well yes and no. Funny story actually.

    I used to be very close with a girl I knew named April and I liked her as more than a friend. I think she knew I liked her even though I never actually told her. We were both big on the idea of going out to eat as a recreational activity so we went out to a lot of restaurants to have fun and go eat.

    But for some freaky reason every time we made plans to go to a seafood place, something happened and one of us would have to cancel. One time she was sick, one time I had to watch my sister's kids for the night, etc.. Just things like that.

    There were malevolent forces conspiring against our going out for seafood... O.o

    We eventually did after like 8 cancellations for seafood "dates" where I actually asked her out.

    That's the closest I've gotten to it...

    Hopefully it helps you one way or another, either by giving you a laugh or giving you insight (probably more the former than the latter).

    • LOL Aww man. Well It definitely was a work thing and I guess because I didn't want to go through with it yesterday,he's no longer interested. I think,I dunno. But I had told him that I needed to be somewhere at 2:30(had to pick up a kid from school)so its not like I was deliberately backing out.

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  • I've been through this all the time. Whenever I get a girl to meet up on a date, and she fails to show up for whatever reason, I feel like I wasn't really on her priority list. Yes, I accept that some people need their work for a living, but let's say one day you're feeling down and you just want someone to have a talk with you, and you happen to arrange it with this guy. Well, it gives him a choice: Should I go to work, since I got called up? Or should I go see this girl who's feeling down? Which situation do I care more about? If he picks work over the girl, then it sort of sends a message that you're not his priority, in fact, he could even put you lower down his list... meaning you're not THAT important to him.

    Did this guy contact for another time to meet with you? If so, then maybe he's still interested in getting on a date with you, but if I let something conflict me with my first date with a girl, I'd try to arrange with her the second time, but make this one time more special... maybe bring her a gift. I'm not telling you to begin expecting things from him, but simply hope that this second time would be with him in a more flexible manner. If you're on your second date and he tells you "Lets make this quick, I have something coming up after this..." Then seriously, this guy is wasting your time... It's obvious he's not going to put you first on his list... unless he clearly explains his situation straight out to a level where you can understand the circumstances he's going through...

    (Sorry for the lengthy post. But yeah, its happened to me. =/)

    • Yeah well,he's still interested and since we haven't gone out yet/don't know each other that well,of course I'm not going to be his first priority and I'm OK with that:)

      Hopefully this weekend we can get together:)

    • If you're taking the relaxed approach, then all I can say is don't worry.

      I'm more of a serious person when it comes to going to dates, so when I see someone ditch out, I get ticked and want to run away from the problem. =/

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