What is the most apprpriate amount of time a guy should call or text a girl he just met?

Some say, "You like you call her", others say 2-3 day. What do girls prefer, or does it depend on the guy.


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  • The next day is a perfect time to call her.

    • Ok, know lets go a little deeper. Would that be in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

      And Tell me this guy, from 1 - 10 how much do you like this guy, in order for you to want him to call the next day?

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    • Glad I could help you. :)

    • thanks for BA. =)

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  • the next day. not a second longer


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  • Ahh, the immortal question of when to call. I personally call the next day, at a time I think she'll be able to answer. And make it an actual call. Texts are are for later methinks.

    On a sidenote I'll add that if you did a good job beforehand, when you met her it doesn't matter that much. If she really liked you and was into you you can call her after a week and she'll still be super friendly and appreciative you called at all. So I say go with your gut here when to call. Just odn't do what Mikey did in Swingers :]