I am just not into her. What should I do?!?!

I met this girl at a party and we had sex that night then we hung out again and had sex and yet another time then we hung out the other night and just watched a movie. The thing is I think she might want to be in a relationship but I can't deal with a relationship at the moment my life is just way to busy I also don't find her super attractive she is super coll but I am just not into her. So what does everyone here suggest I do?


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  • I've been in that position and it really hurts. It's confusing because you know the guys is attracted to you since your doing it. And when you hang out, there's chemistry and you probably have fun together.

    As a woman, you start thinking "what did I do wrong." He says he likes me, and we laugh together and have fun. It can get really confusing, and your probably going to hurt her.

    I'm always into addressing the elephant in the room. Tell her sooner rather then latter that your not looking for a relationship. No matter how you do it, it's going to hurt her if she wants a relationship. Don't just leave her out to hang, make sure she knows it's nothing she has done, your decision is based on where you are in life at the moment.

    You guys can continue to be friends, but it's probably not a good idea to have sex with her. And if you do keep in contact, don't tell her if you get a girlfriend a few weeks from now. That would suck.

    That happened with my ex fiance. When we first met, he said he didn't want a girlfriend. A few weeks later he got a girlfriend. I was pissed/ hurt, I didn't talk to him for about 3 months. After that him and I got together, 6 months later we got engaged. Now it's 5 YEARS (!) later and we broke up 3 months ago.

    So, you never know, she may just be the one you marry someday.


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  • dont do anything. keep having fun and do what you want, she'll either accept it or move on. how does this chick f*** a guy she just met at a party and then expect a relationship? bitches are stupid these days lol I don't even feel sorry for her

    • I agree with you. But I still feel sorry for her, some people just have to learn the hard way I guess.

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  • you should have thought about this before you plowed her, duuude. lol

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