Ever feel like you've hit your limit?

I know this must sound silly but I'm so insanely tired of dating and everything that comes with it. I feel like I've been searching for my soul mate for a good 4 years now and honest to god I'm exhausted...

I love being in a relationship and I'd want nothing more then to actually find the girl to settle down with, I know I won't get that by sitting on my ass or giving up but I just feel so drained to the point that I've got a distinct hate on dating at this point because its always the same thing, even when I try new things, new ways to approach or new dating locations.. its still pretty much the same thing.

I guess I just feel frustrated and this is a form of ranting about it but I'm curious whether or not a break would help, if anyone has gone through something similar before and what came of it because I've taken a break before.. but that was for 3 whole years to the point I forgot to socialize and lets face it.. I'm not getting any younger.

I've settled(or felt like I was) in the past before when this happened about a year ago which is something I swore I'd never do again as that just led to frustration and not just for me, also for the girl I was with.

If a break wouldn't be the answer, got any ideas to make dating FUN again?


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  • maybe change your ways, follow your true interests and define your personalty and style whatever the hell that may be, don't worry about conforming into what women like be someone you like and you will attract your true soul mate not some image of the perfect girl who isn't quite as satisfying... I went through the same thing, I am a weirdo but I'm always hiding it thinking people won't like it or whatever, now I don't give a crap I am who I am, so what if I like to dissect rats during my freetime? My true soul mate will think that's really cool and will give me some tips on how to do it.. I have not yet found that man but I'm just guna keep being me.. we'll see..


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  • You definitely need a break. Focus on your life professionally and maybe spiritually. Let the gals come to you. Give that a year and I'm betting you'll be with someone who will make you happy. Be available and smile when you have occasion to meet women in any kind of setting but don't put yourself out there. As basketball coaches sometimes say, let the game come to you. Good luck.

  • Too much of everything is bad . Avoid it .