Guys can you give me an idea what all this means?

I met this guy on Facebook and have been talking to him for only a week if that. We never met in person yet. Anyways he has been asking me questions like, "Are you ready to get married" and "do you think you could fall in love with someone quickly". He also asked "Are you ready to have children" and "If I would be willing to move". This guy has a lot going for him. He says he is ready to get married and have a family. Well we sat up to meet in a week. Both agreed on that. Well early yesterday morning he calls and wants me to go meet him tonight which is 4 hours away from me. So seriously, why would a guy be in a rush to be married and have a family? Not to mention such in a hurry to meet me? He calls says Good Morning every morning so far and Goodnight. Is there a chance that he is really interested or what might be going on? He doesn't even know my last name yet. So if you have any idea why a guy would do this or what I am not seeing? Really I could use some advice or thoughts, ASAP. Thank You and it would be very much appreciated. :)


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  • Everything he's said to you has been a lie.

    • Can I ask you why you think he is lying to me? Why would he waste his time when I am in different state? He is also a Village Police Officer and in the Army.

    • You'd be surprised at the lengths internet predators would go to. Everything about him sounds very suspicious, especially his eagerness to meet you. Either he is very desperate and clingy, or he is trying to trick you into meeting a very dangerous person.

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  • Everyone has given you the neg. If this guy has so much going for him and wants to see you so badly, make him come to you. Leave it there. Do not have sex with him, do not get married to him, try to take control of the situation, and if he flips out you got him pegged.

    MAKE HIM COME TO YOU FIRST! If he really cares he would have offered to do it himself.

  • meeting someone on Facebook? WTF? People do that? That's just...bizzare. Not what Facebook is for.

  • Weird...too clingy.

    Alarm bells!

    • Do you think there is a chance he is controlling? As I commented below, He is in the army and he is a village police officer.

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  • he sounds like a weirdo. doesn't your gut tell you to stay away? seriously it's weird.

  • Big Red Flag. I can only think of three types of guys like this and they are all bad.

    1)He is either a really controllling possessive guy. These guys like to move quickly to get control quick. I am speaking from experience unfortunately.

    2)He is really, really clingy.

    3)He is trying to trick you into having sex with him and then he is going to leave you. I have never fallen for this one but some of my friends have.

    • 3)He is trying to trick you into having sex with him and then he is going to leave you. I have never fallen for this one but some of my friends have.

      I believe this as well. I've seen some of my EX-friends try and pull this off.

    • Some of my guy friends have told me they have pulled this one too and I am totally shocked when they told me it works. But I still would rather fall for this one then the abusive one. Live and learn.