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So..I fell in love in sixth grade. I'm now a junior about to become a senior. We both still have classes together, he and I are in the same grade and have a lot of the same friends.. Well I took a chance last year when he broke up with his girlfriend and asked him out on 'myspace.' stupid ya but I couldn't stand seeing his facial expression in rejection. So he deleted me on there and never wrote me back. He then got back with his girlfriend for a year before they fell apart once again. Now he is single. BUT I am not. I'm dating a soldier. He still talks and jokes with me occasionally because we are both in Chemistry together. ALTHOUGH now he is after one of my best friends. I think he forgot about my feelings for him because he never brought it up. & Heather forgot I loved him I believe. Well I don't know what to do. I can't stand seeing those two together. What kills me the most is she is like "Nah I probably won't date him." and blows it off. Meanwhile I'm trying to make my current relationship work while wishing I was her so I could feel all of his attention. Maybe destiny, maybe nothing? I don't know :/


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  • Well congrats on finding someone else. I'm sorry that the guy you liked rejected you. I think that was good that you at least ask him out. It would had been one of those of things that you would had thought about later in life if you didn't ask him out. That sucks that he flirts with one of your friends in fornt of you and that also sucks that he is pursuing her. You seem like a good catch. I don't understand why he would not like you. And how is your current relationship going? and do you love your current boyfriend? I think if it is menat for you to be with the guy you like then it was meant to be. If not then maybe fate might play a role. Only time will tell.


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