Will he ever see me the way I see him?

So I recently started seeing my superviser from work the first time we wemt out we got drunk started making out in his car but I didn't let him go all the way and I'm not good with relationships or getting to know a guy cause I either ask to many questions and so he was like you don't ask that many questions the first you hang out with a guy so that was awkward so the next time we hanged out we drank again and we started making out and we started playing with each other but he never touch my private are I didn't let him go that far and so he asked me if I gave head and I said no never had and he said give me five and so I told him the truth that it was the first time I've gone this far with a guy and so he respected that and we got dressed and so he started seeing me different like a nice girl that falls in love quick which is not true and so he started saying he doesn't want a girlfriend and we should keep it just as party/drinking buddies which I found as a bummer cause I was liking him so what can I do to show him he can trust me I'm not like the other girls his dated


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  • it looks like his the type a guy who only goes for bitches and not good girls, he sees you more like a friend not like a girlfriend type. its only my opinion


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