We're from two different social circles. How to go along with this?

I'm going to a formal dance we have at my school with this guy. Thing is, we're from two different social circles. How do we decide whose friends to take pictures and stuff with? I haven't talked to him about it yet, but I bet he's thinking the same thing. I really don't want to hang with his friends. They're creepy stoners. He's not, but they are. Thanks

Oh and do all guys know they get the girls corsages?


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  • He should know to buy you a corsage and you are suppose to buy him his flower to pin on his suit. If he doesn't know then maybe you should remind him to buy you a corsage just in case. But he should know. And also your friends can take the pictures or his friends. Or your parents or his can take pictures vice versa. Enjoy the night and have fun and go with the flow. Don't worry about the different social circles. Just be yourself, be confident and have fun.


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