The bet- Kissing game

so me and my boyfriend have been together for only a month. I spent the night with him last night for the first time ever. and we had this bet going: he thought he could last 20 minutes without kissing me (with me trying to get him to want it and to kiss me) and as bets go, I said he couldn't last that long. he weak spot is kissing him on the neck.

i would get really close to his lips and kiss him around his mouth and on his cheek, a little on the neck and just stayed really close. it worked like a charm for the first hour of doing it. but I'm gonna see him tonight and I need to be prepared if we have it again. (cause it is a lot of fun to do)

so what is some other things I could do to get him to HAVE to kiss me? (: like he couldn't resist no matter how he tries?


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  • He will break you eventually. If he wants to that is! I bet he does not want to. So just do what you do.

    But. Ty telling him: You want me! You want to kiss me. You want my lips.

    In sexy voice!

    Be as sensual as possible. Get all his senses going on full. Smell .. try some great perfume. Not too much. Just noticeable and stay close. Hearing like talking or a little moan! Visual, go round your lips with your tongue.

    Be playful! That is veeeery irresistible!


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  • Get naked, hover over him seduce his charm, and within you touching his fella down there, he won't be able to keep his hands and lips off you,x


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  • can't you think of any other body wants he wants ... touched? ;)

    • well I did but its only been a day over a month.. so idk. do you think he would go for that?

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