I have a mutual crush that is afraid to date, advice?

I have a younger female co worker (no boss/subordinate issues) and there is mutual interest. When I asked her out she said she would think about it. Then she said that at one time she would have but that she talked herself out of it. She is afraid of getting a reputation if we date. I said that I understood and that as far as I was concerned we were still cool.

Since then she won't talk to me if co workers are around. She will walk by if no one is around and give me a disinterested hi. She gave me her hand to look at her paper cut. She will ask me simple work related questions that she already knows the answer to. She will I'm me but I have to carry the conversation. If she sees me at our building's entrance she will give me a happy smile and wave, but then look embarrassed. I bumped into her lunch group and asked for a food suggestion. She spoke excitedly before anyone else and told me what she was eating and then looked away embarrassed again.

Ladies, what do I do?


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  • Okay, so if you like her a lot and want to be with her, you gotta build up your strength and tell her how you feel. I know this is probably something you hear from your parents or a movie or something stupid like that but it really works. And that's pretty rude or her that she's embarrassed by you! I mean, she should also build up her guts too I mean she's not in high school anymore. It's not about reputation or anything. But also it might not be about reputation. I don't want you to get your hopes up if it doesn't work out because it might just be that she's not into you:[ but that's the wort case. And how did you ask her out? Were you like, "Do you want to go out with me?" or did you say something like, "Are you free on Friday" or something like that? Because if you say something like hey you wanna go out its like your in middle school and trust me girls hate it when guys say that. they want to be treated with more..i don't know but I hope you get what I mean. But If I were you, if I see her again I would just explode with feeling. Just blurt out everything you feel. But make sure it's in a private area. I don't think other people would want to hear. Girls really like it when they say their feelings so don't act scared to act "girly" or "p****-like" lol. Good luck to ya.


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