Losing a guys interest?

When your main communication with a guy is through texting, can you tell if a guy stops liking you? What would be some things he would/wouldnt say/do?


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  • -He stops initiating texting

    -He doesn't reply in a timely manner to your texts

    -His replies are short, even one words

    -He just doesn't text you back

    • You just had to elaborate :/

    • In all fairness (and this is in regards to talking in general, I don't really text since I don't have a phone)

      - Might be sick of always initiating and wants to see if the other will for once

      - could be busy like has 4 projects to do at once >.>

      - again, could be busy

      - same as above.

      If it lasts for a LONG time though, then ya, I could see you being right. Still, there's always a chance that's not true :P

    • That's an exception though... It's not that hard to send a quick text saying you're busy.

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  • Not replying. Means he don't give a sh*t about talking to you.

    Not scheduling a meet-up. If he doesn't care to see you in person, he won't bother texting you.

  • Usually hwne the communication slows down & he says the minimuim.


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  • i don't think you can keep a guys interest just through texting.. there's more to it.. If I'm going out with someone I actually wanna ring them up and hear their voice which can tell you so much more than just through words because words can get misinterpreted. I only use texts for work or to remind someone of something.. not to initiate a full convo with my boyfriend. If it were me I would be annoyed if my relationship only existed on texts.. I don't think you can have a relationship just through texting... I need more than that