Is she insecure or am I an arrogant bastard?

Hi all, need some feedback/input.. I have been talking/seeing this woman with a frequency of about once a week face to face and every other day via txt/phone for approximately almost 2 months. We have lunch recently and she brought up that I am the only guy to talk to her the way that I do which is kind of in a cocky arrogant tone in a joking fashion. She then went off in a tangent on how she can't take me seriously, I give her the vibe that I am better than her, and its like she really doesn't know me.

Can I please get some help/advice on:

1. Why she would tell me what she told me?

2. How do I move forward from here?

A little backround on her that I was able to gather..She comes from a broken family, has only had 1 boyfriend in the last 8 years, career driven, not much of a social life(she describes herself as a home body). If the clueless agent can get some clues it would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.


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  • Every girl is a little insecure. And they all handle it in different ways. And it's my understanding that all guys are arrogant at times. Some more than others, and some even without meaning to. So it's most likely that it's a combination of the two. Just ease up a bit on the sarcasm and cockiness. She most likely just doesn't understand your sense of humour.


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  • Different girls react differently to cockiness. Some like it and enjoy this type of humor some dislike it cause they are too serious or associate it with being an a**hole (which to be fair they have a point). Usually older women really don't buy it and prefer a guy who doesn't use put downs and push-pull techniques.