Tell us about a time when your date really really impressed you?

One time I was really impressed by this one girl I was dating when I took her out to lunch at a pizza parlor. I had just gotten back from the restroom to our table, and she was seriously kicking ass in this newspaper crossword puzzle. She had filled out a lot of words within a 2 minute time frame.


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  • Now that you mention it... none impressed me much... should I have paid more attention to them?

    • Maybe just paid attention to the minor details. Did they have any unique traits that separated them from the normal everyday guys?

    • If you put it that way... he fixes airplanes for a living.. He also took me to my first airshow, took me to Boeing factory tour which was interesting. He's very proud of his job. I guess it's what separated him from the rest. But I just saw it as passion for his profession.

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  • When we were stopping at lights, he started going just being the lights turned :P I thought it was neat that he knew. Om, also piano playing and interest in space.


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  • She said my parents aren't home.