Dating an old ex who has since become a friend?

I'm 32 years old, and this ex/friend is 30, and we dated for a few months waaaaay back in high school (I was 17, and she was 15), but as things tend to happen in high school, it ended, and we lost touch for many years. About five years ago, we ran into each other again and started to rebuild a friendship. We see each other several times a year (we're both still local) and talked quite a bit, even through relationships that we had with other people. The thing is, we're both single now (I just got out of a relationship last month), and we've been talking a lot more now (always joking that we should just date each other again). I think there's still a small spark there, and we're far better friends than we were before we dated in high school (and more mature now, too). I'm just not sure if the risk of the friendship (if things failed) would be worthwhile.

Has anyone dated an ex again (especially when there has been such a long gap since the breakup)? Did it work out or fail? I know people always say that you break up for a reason, but does that apply to high school relationships when you're now adults and have been removed from that situation for over a decade?


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  • So is the bottom line: Should you ask her out or will it ruin the relationship?

    It is the same answer it always is only you are older and more mature now. If you are nervous but want to give it a try, broach the subject with the tact and style that you have obtained throughout the years. Do you ask her out on dates now or do you just "hang out". What is your pattern currently and what is your goal. Work up to it. Talk about it, but don't make it awkward. If someone is worth having it would be okay to do that and have a mature yes or no and why instead of just leaving the friendship. Make sense?


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