Two guys at once? I don't know what to do!!! :(

I'm a girl of age 22, with no boyfriend experience.

Weird though, now there are two guys in the picture.

I like one of them, he's smart, very caring, nice, and I can see myself with him. And we def have chemistry.The crutch is that I will be gone for study abroad for 6 months, and he just got out of a 4 year long distance relationship in the summer, making him hesitant towards starting something new. And once again, I am not 100% sure if he's completely over his ex, which... I really don't blame him if he can't given that they were together for 4 years and she was his first everything.

The other guy, came out of nowhere. He's a player, very charming, very attractive, very sweet. Whenever he says anything I literally tell him that I don't take him seriously and just play along and never put any meaning to it.

But couple days ago, a bunch of us were just drinking together and he was literally all over me, telling me he wants to be with me and he's felt this way for some time now, and he can wait for me while I'm gone. And I thought it was all drunk talk so I told him I don't take him seriously, and he was by me the WHOLE NIGHT and didn't drink any more, tried to hold my hand, kept telling me he's jealous of other couples in the room...

And the first guy is a really jealous type, and these kids know each other. First one already got very jealous once when I told him I was having dinner with the second one a week ago, and ... why are things becoming so complicated...?

My heart goes towards the first guy... but the first one's just NOT AS enthusiastic and forward, much more insecure and shy... So I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the whole thing.. URGH.

advice please guys!


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  • the second one will be your choice


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  • Find out what he wants, if you DO want him then assure him more of it and get him to trust you aaand don't give him reasons to doubt you.

  • i know u'll end up with the second one.

    • why?! how! how do I make the first one to make a freaking move SOON?

    • i was being a douchebag... but listen, it depends on what you want.

      believe it or not you can make a move. ''do you want to kiss" with a smile would make his heart beat.

      your first guy sounds like someone raised by a woman. the second by a man. the first respects women to the point of never forcing her to do anything. while the other might just grab you and take you.

      blablabla, all I'm saying is it's your choice, it's always the woman's choice. if you don't do anything, you chose no 2

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