Give up? Are they lies?

I know I'm sort young, compared to a lot of people on this website. But oh well, here goes nothing. The past few years of my life I've just started gaining boyfriends, first kiss, pretty much first everything. And with all this, I've gotten hurt. And I want to stay single to keep that from happening. But it seems like here lately, I have guys trying to go out with me or saying they care about me, with a few that are kinda serious. But all of them have some excuse or reason why we can't be together.

-I still have feelings for my ex, though I don't want to go out but, I don't want to hurt her.

-They aren't mature enough, in their own words, but go out with someone else the next day.

-They don't want to hurt me.

So, I just want to know what do y'all think? Are these bullsh*t excuses or maybe the real thing? Two of the guys are really close to me, so I just, I don't know.

Oh, and do y'all think I should just try and stay single or would looking for a relationship be a bad idea?


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  • If they have excuses for not being with you, more often than not, it's because they don't want to be with you right now. The reason for that can be quite numerous and we can't really tell you why without exceptional detail, the ability to read their thoughts or have some form of omnipotent power. Nothing wrong with having a few light-hearted relationships while you're young so you have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes for future endeavours.

    • Yeah, I guess I'm just really confused, ya know? But thanks, it helps a lot to have someone give me their point of view from a outsider's perspective.(:

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  • stop trusting these boys! focus on you and don't put your heart into it. look at dating for fun and recreating and don't do anything your not comfortable with. remain in control or don't do it at all. your young and most guys are not serious at that age. so don't let yourself get hurt by not getting invested. treat boys like they're just something to do because that's exactly how they see u

    • Thanks! That actually makes a whole lot of sense, I guess it's just they're all at least 2 to 3 years older so I'm expecting them to be more mature and into a relationship. But, I'll do just that. (: