Don't know how to talk to a girl?

Okay there are a lot of times I might start asking a girl about herself. Then after a couple question the conversation just stops, I don't know where to take the conversation and what to talk about. I think that this part of my so called "game" sucks. Since talking is the main part of this "game," you can pretty much say that I don't have any "game." There will be times where I will mention to a girl that we should hang out, they would not really say no, but then she will either laugh or give a giggle. Which to me I don't know what that is supposed to mean.

1.) So first of all what are things to talk about with girls?

2.) What is considered dating?

3.) How to actually go on dates and actually get the girl I like?

P.S. when I do talk to girls there are a lot of silent spots, which kind of sucks for me due to this being one of my biggest hinderences. A lot of times people just say that I am not confident enough, but I don't know how confidence will help me say the right things and make the right moves, when it comes to girls I always fail.


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  • I was similar to you when I was like 16-19. I couldn't talk to women to save my life.

    The secret is to not look at them too much as women but like blokes but with a bit more sensitive side. 9/10 times they won't be interested in video games, politics, formula 1, how hawt the chick is, etc.

    talk to them about topics they might relate to, for example if you notice she is a bit excentric and cultured you can talk about art or music, traveling things like this. If you notice she is really into fitness talk about sports, health, etc.

    Overall these are just basic ideas to have in mind. Try to cater the conversation to whoever you are talking to. Second just practice, don't be shy, think of it as practice and if you mess up there will be plenty more chances out there. Also if you know a guy that is very sociable and is great at talking to women befriend him! He is going to teach you so much just by observing him in action.