What is wrong with me?

OK so basically here's the deal:

I supposedly quite hot looking, I'm sweet, generous, and may not be the cleverest person but I'm not an empty head, I care about people and everyone says I'm "mr happy" all the time. now, why is it that I don't manage to get anyone interested in having a relationship with me, no one seen to want to "get" me. why there is only lust in their eyes. but that is as far as they get... I don't want to have someone just because they want me, I want that he who I want, wants me too. I'm a bit shy depending on the situations, and sometimes feel a bit self conscious of English not being my first language when I'm surrounded by native speakers, so that stop me from talking more.

but I'm not sure, s there anything that explains why no one seen interested in "pursuit" me?

PS: I'm not uploading pictures of me, because 1 I'm embarrass someone I might know read this. 2 I'm not asking any of this to be physically judge by the net... I'm just seriously asking if you think there is a reason why some people, managed to get relationships and others no? luck? behavior ?


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  • Maybe it's because you are often called "MISTER Happy"? Guys usually like girls lol :P

    Most likely it's a behavior thing. Have you ever had a crush on anyone? Did you try flirting with them?

    • LOL!

      yeah I have, I sort of felt in love once, but the story ws a complicated one. although he and I are good friends now. (nothing serious happened between us) however I am really not good at flirting.. get very insecure! lol!

    • Well, you identify yourself as shy so here are some pointers...

      - Don't worry about nervousness. Let some of it show. If a guy has any hint of situational awareness, he'll wonder why a girl is nervous talking to him.

      - Play with your hair, bite your lip, etc.

      - Fidget with your keys, cell phone, etc.

      - Try to joke around with him.

      - Stroke his arm.

      - Stare at him. When he looks in your direction, your first instinct will be to look away. Tell-tale sign right there.

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