NEED HELP: How to tell if a guy and a girl have chemistry for each other?

What are some signs of chemistry? And if there is chemistry between 2 friends of opposite gender(Male and Female) is it possible they can be more than friends which can develop mutual feeling and later develop a relationship?


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  • if you find each other looking at each other at random times and turn your heads at the same time there is chemistry. When you both are physically close to each other you feel a tingling feeling you know there is chemistry.

    • What about if your in a middle of a conversation and magicly both of them say the same word or phrase at the same time but it just comes out naturally but all random, meaning its unexpected? And there is that awkward moment that is like "Wow we both said the same thing" and then just laugh. Is that chemistry?

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    • We both have a lot in common, we hang out alot, we both eat together, we both like the same music, we text each other once in a while, a couple times we both send good night text really late to each other, we mostly agree to each other about everything, when I sit next to her I brush up to her knees with my knees and she doesn't move, we are both helpful to each other, and we both laugh about the same thing, and for the most part she is always happy with me. You think she likes me?

    • yes I can def say she likes you!

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