Girls- Coffee dates?

Hey girls,

I'm courting a very shy girl. We kissed once on the dance floor at a party, many months ago. We fell out after some immature behavior on my part, but after cleaning up my act, I am pursuing her again.

She has responded to my texts/ chatted with me on the phone and seems receptive. I would like to ask her out to coffee, but am not sure if it sends the right message. I know a dinner date will freak her out, and just grabbing lunch is too "friendsy".

Will she know that coffee is a "date" and that I am courting her? Will she expect a kiss?


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  • I think the coffee idea would work better first. And just take it play by play. if you have a great "date" and she is sort of waiting for something before you leave her for the night and if it seems like a good moment then try to kiss her.

  • Just aske her to dinner don't make it sound more then it is or less just ask her. Lunch seems like more of a friend thing.


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