How long do you wait till you tell you're in a relationship?

I'm sure it depends on how open your parents are but how long do you usually wait?

What about telling your friends?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It really depends on the guy. If I think my parents would like him I'd tell them fast because they don't want me to be single anymore. If I didn't think they'd approve, I'd be more hesitant. I wouldn't even tell them at all if it was a short term type of thing.


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  • honstly I don't think my parents need to know it's my life , BUT my mom know's about my current guy she 'baned' me from seeing him and I hid our relationship and eventually she was like I know your still with him and that's how things ended I'm still with him


What Guys Said 1

  • Dont worry, you will lose your virginity someday, don't wait till your parents set you up

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