Online dating experiences?

Has anyone done online dating? Met anyone from online? How did it go?

I recently made an online dating profile and I've been talking to a couple guys. I'm considering maybe meeting one. I know, all the safety stuff, meet in public, etc...but I'm still a little nervous! Any advice?


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  • Have you tried online dating site? Yes

    Met anyone from online? Not a soul.

    What do you think of it?

    It sucks for guys, many girls never reply to detailed messages to them from guys not even a no thank you which causes guys to resort to copy and paste emails. Dating websites have about 100 guys for every 1 girl so girls get flooded with messages and stop responding. Casual sex dating sites have a lot more girls replying then on a normal site like POF or OKCUPID.

    How did it go?

    It did not work for me, I wasn't a tall, rich, good looking, a guy with a million dollar house/car/job. I was just a student living on a very small and strict budget that I had planned out from the loans that I took in order to study. So no it did not work out for me. I was on multiple sites for years then this year I gave up and emptied them out and closed most of them. I wasn't interested in casual sex so that was also major points against me on quite a few sites.


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  • I couldn't even get a response back.


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  • i met my current boyfriend of 7 months on eharmony. I'm picky and I got all I ever wanted, without wasting time. I work too much to date around. we talked on the phone and texted for like 2 weeks before our first date. it was my first time doing anything like that. I was scared he'd be some creepy loser or rapist. but once I heard his voice over the phone and saw his fb he seemed like he was good. went on our first date and have spent pretty much every day together since. good match!