Should I take it that this guy is not interested?

So I started talking to this Gemini guy on an online dating site. After sending a few messages, we exchanged numbers and began texting. First day we texted back and forth non stop for 11 hours, then same long text conversations for the next two days. On the third day, he basically gave me a fake 'coupon' to go out with him on a date. I asked when he was free and he said he'd check his work schedule. The next day, he didn't get back to me. Then at 2 am, he texts me telling me I should come over to watch a movie. I, obviously, didn't want to go (a girl traveling to some guys house she's never met in the late night didn't seem so smart.) I joked with him about hanging out another time and we bantered back and forth for awhile. I told him he shouldn't be dissuaded I didn't want to come over this time, then told him we should hang out another time before I went to sleep. The next morning I asked him if he'd thought about my proposition to hang out another time. He still didn't answer. It's a few (3 days later) and I still haven't heard back from him. Does this mean he's not interested anymore? And if so, what do you think went wrong?

Guy ended up being a weirdo...oh well, on to the next one.


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  • So I started talking to this Gemini guy -> not good..

    "I have had a lot of confrontations with the Gemini sign.. And they are literally 'two persons at a time"

    Don't be angry on them, it's just the way the are and they don't see any harm in what they do.

    Once they caught your interest they want you to make every move, so they feel special in some way wanted and needed. They will give you the attention you need at first, but after a while when you 'become' dependent of them, they'll have you in craving for them. But when you stop showing interest into them, they'll 'maybe' try to make a move to catch your attention they are secretly missing.. But that could take a while, as I sed, they don't see any harm in their behavior s since they are two persons at one time ;-) And yes, they lose interest rather quick, you give them what they need, and they'll drop you like a brick, the only thing that would keep that relationship alive is 'you' who contacts 'him'.. But ask yourself, is that a way to maintain 'a relationship' in any kind? Isn't it that you should give and at time receive back? ...

    What is your sign btw?

    • I'm a leo/virgo cusp...more Leo traits, though. And I'm a very curious Leo, at that. He intrigued me more than almost any other guy I've ever talked to. The wittiness got me...I was looking forward to meeting in person and seeing if it would translate over to that. Do you think it's worth it to contact him?

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    • Thanks for entertaining my foolishness :)

    • You're more than welcome.

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  • you didn't do anything wrong. maybe he has a low self esteem and was upset about you not coming over that night. then again maybe he was just trying to get into your pants. if he really wonts to meet you he should be able to talk to you on the phone untill you feel ready to met him.but don't go in the middle of the night. maybe see if he wonts to met for lunch and tell him your bringing a friend along. this way you have someone with you and can see what he is like.


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  • Nothing went wrong, or you could say it was wrong from the start because he wasn't in it for the same reasons as you. Honestly sounds like he's just bored and doesn't want anything serious. The fact that he wanted to hang out at 2am "to watch a movie" is a giveaway for booty call. Smart move not going to see him, for all you know he could be a freak since you haven't met him. I say move on from this guy.

  • He was baiting u. All the talk was to prep you for a bootycall. A bad one at that at

    Guys do this all the time nothing personal. You just met a player and a jerk. Move on and be thankful you got a away. Smart move on your part to no go to his place.

    Classic calling card of a player ugh!

    • Thanks...I'm still curious though... players suck.

    • know what? give up? yes. He is not interested. You should. unless you want to play by his rules and get kicked to the curb.

    • Yeah...I've thought about it overnight. I'm done...on to the next one. Thanks :)