Was it his turn to contact me? Or mine?

I tried to let my crush know I liked him, I told him that "I liked this guy" (I think he thought I meant someone else) he just stopped texting. Now he doesn't call me doesn't text, nothing. I did tell him later that I missed him, and that brought up that we haven't talked in so long.

I texted him 1 month ago asking how he was, but after that, he never texted me back. It's been 3 months because I thought I'd wait to see if he'd bother contacting me. He hasn't initiated contact in over 3


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  • That's because he thought you were talking about another guy, which not only hurt his feelings, but bruised his ego too. Now the guy is uncertain because you sent a mixed signal. You should just be honest with the guy.


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  • I hate to break it to you but you need to move on from him because if he hasn't bothered to contact you, he's not that interested and clearly not worthy of your time.