The perfect nighty message?

OK, so there is this guy at school that I have a giant crush on, and because of a common friend I once spoke to him and then added him on Facebook. I've spoken to him a couple of times after that, but it's not like we say hi when passing in the hallway. But last night he posted this on Facebook: "*insert number here* send me a creepy or coozy nighty message", and so I did... " I sent "good night my darling" or something like that and got back "good night to you too :)". He didn't even have my number, so to day at school he asked "who are you?". I said to him on Facebook "hello my darling". I said that if he wanted I could send him a nighty message today as well... So my question is: what on earth am I going to text him?


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  • Nighty sweetheart, sweet dreams, :D

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