Your experience with using for finding someone special?

OK so I have used dating sites for years. Nothing has really come of it. I am very attractive and not crazy, I just don't get out much to meet men that I want. The men that approach me , it just doesn't work most of the time. I started using a few days ago,and go a lot of replies...I am wonder has anyone had any good experience? also why do guys always assume that women on online dating sites must be ugly or crazy. Men are always surprised when they meet me. ...i mean even when you are attractive its hard meeting attractive men that want monogamy. Bars and clubs are full with man whores.

I am just trying to find a nice guy who is also attractive. I hate being stereotyped that something is automatically wrong with me because I am on a dating website, and then when they meet me they are always pleasantly shocked asking " why are you even on there, you shouldn't have any problems meeting people?" Meeting people, not a problem,...meeting quality people, very very very hard.


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  • It wasn't a good experience. I used from my cell phone to get help with a hard calc question during an exam. Needless to say, I got caught by my professor and it was very awkward having to turn in my exam. . . . . . Ohhh. . you said . .

    I tried it for 6 months without any real success trying to find a real relationship. I much rather enjoy persuing the women I want to meet out in public. . that way you can have "instant dates" and then there is none of the electronic banter which can fizzle quickly.

    Also, men are visual creatures, so most men are emailing the "hot" ones without even reading much of their profile. It's so easy for guys to sit there and send e-mails to every girl they would bang which means it makes it that much harder for women to weed out the actual good guys.

    I also know others that have used for hooking up. . . I think there are as many man/woman whores on as there is in public. make no mistake about it. (see point above)

    Also, the guys I know using just got lazy approaching women in public, or at networking events, or etc. etc. They claim it's more effecient for dating multiple women. I can understand that point, whole heartedly. They also claim they are too busy to meet women otherwise. . . . and they say that when they are plowed at the bar just staring at the pretty women they could be talking to.

    To the point that guys that you have met in public that you claim are not "quality" are likely just a little rattled at talking to a beautiful woman but still likely have the confidence and attractiveness that you are desiring as they did have the guts to talk to you. You just aren't giving it a chance.

    Also, the guys I know using just got lazy approaching women in public, or at networking events, or etc. etc. They claim it's more effecient for dating multiple women. Conversely, many other guys using lack confidence and social skills all together which is why they are on This would be another reason they joke about you involved with online dating while being so attractive . . . it's because they feel they are "ugly" or "crazy" and have trouble meeting people in public. They would assume the women they meet online would be the same way.

    I think may have the "slight edge" in your scenario, but not by much. If you are finding that guys that aren't monogamous, I'd try stating that expectation up front, albeit in a casual manner and see how they react. This will help in either online dating or non-online dating. Good luck!

  • I think all online dating sites will be the same, it just depends on how patient you are. I'm on a different dating site and you are right: meeting quality people is much, much harder.


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