Gauging Kiss Readiness?

I read that before you try kissing a girl for the first time, unless you're really sure, you should try to gauge her enthusiasm a few ways. One was kissing her on the cheek, the other was to do a pretend kiss--you lean closer like you're about to kiss her, but then change your mind and pull back. If she leaned forward, that means she wants to kiss.

What do the girls think about that? Which is a better indicator?


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What Girls Said 1

  • if someone kisses me on the cheek I usually end up kissing them on the lips right after that or that day.

    • After reading your answer, I am so kissing this girl on the cheek when we meet for dinner, lol.

    • ya you should if she is into you she will just want to kiss you after that. so at least you'll know if she is into you or not

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd suggest not so much 'pretend' but close to within an inch or so, then let her close the last inch.

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