Keep meeting duds with empty promises?

i keep getting involved with guys where it goes no where!

guy 1- met online. we would talk/text everyday but online or cell. Yet for actual dates we only went on 4! but it was like 1 date/month and I moved on Because it was just going too slow

guy 2- met at a pub, hit it off, but would text on and off every 2 weeks, didn't hook up until 2 months later, but only fooled around. then summer came so I wasn't in town but we kept in touch and fooled around again when I came to visit. but no actual dates. yet we would always talk about hanging out but it neverrrr happened!

guy 3- met him at a pub again with friends, hit it off talked the whole night about common interests like bands, schools courses etc and he asked me to come back and chill but I said no you can have my name and number tho. its been 2 days and no I guess that's tht

im still a virgin so I'm not acting slutty but I'm not frigid either. but I just don't know what to do Because every guy I meet keeps making empty promises to hang out, I feel like they are all after the same thing

loosing hope.

all I want is to go on dates! not be a sexual object

also when I dress up to go out I never show legs! always jeans, but a cute top, little cleav---but I leave things to the imagination


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  • Guy 1: Wasn't interested.

    Guy 2: Call him, make a date. You like him, act like it.

    Guy 3: Call him, make a date. You like him, act like it.

    "But guys are supposed to be the initiators blah blah blah." Fine, you're right, but guess what? The girl who's picking up the phone and making dates, will *never* have your problems. Think on it.

    • guy 2- I finally asked him wht he wanted---he said he didn't know he was super focused on school and planned on moving away but he didn't knw----therefore I have decided to move on

      guy 3- just met him sat but I didn't get the chance to grab his number, and I don't know if my number was correct because my friend pulled me away to go kinda thing.

      but I get wht your saying.can I wait for the guy to make the first contact----like text or whatever to show his interests and if he does ask to hang out right away

    • You can wait, but there's a risk; there are girls that I'm getting around to texting--*after* I'm done with the girls who've made firm dates with me. You need to decide whether you want to be the girl he's dating *right now*, or the girl he's getting around to texting.

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  • Be happy your at least getting chances.. What about us people who can't even find anyone? Lol

    • its not really chances when you aren't going on dates, texting someone for long periods without the satisfaction of hanging out is frusturating! I don't know why I'm not date worthy :(

    • Well I could look look at it in this way.. You made the team and sit the bench and play a litlle but others didn't even get a chance..

    • your good looking, I'm sure you can make the team just as easy. cept the difference is you have the power to not b like "all those guys" and actually follow up on your word and ask girls out!

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  • Welcome to dating world! Times have changed getting sex is easier than before for guys. So they always try for that first. Looks like u've experienced that already. Meeting guys in pubs is not ideal for dating. I'd try school and while you are busy doing your favorite activities first. Good luck.

    • ah I knoww but my communications degree is majority females, and the few guys in it are either in a relationship (as all the good guys r) and others gay! and then I do competitive swimming but the team only has odler 50s ha ha so that ain't happening

      and I tried the online thing but I can't handle it, too many emails to sort through daily and the whole potential hidden serial killer aspect

      and all my girl friends with bfs say they don't have "good" guys for me

    • U must learn to be patient. A good man a far and few In between . Keep your eyes open at a coffee shop, market, bus stop, join more clubs and groups. At your age I wouldn't try online dating.

    • thank you! I shall keep on living my life as always. just got to get used to this whole immature dating world where majority of boys don't know what they want. At least I know!