Is it OK to call? And will she like me to?

Ive been out with this girl on a few outings & 2 dates.. 3 coming up..

But I've never called her.. We've only ever texted.. Its a habit I got into because of my friends.. I use to only call now its like I only text

And I know both her and I have limited minutes..

So I've been avoiding calling but I think I want to.. At least once for now..

I'm worried because of the limited minutes thing.. I don't know how limited hers are..

Is it OK to call her anyway?

Will she like me to.?

And will she be upset that I'm using her minutes?

And what reasons are there for me to call her.. That I can't use text for?

Any advice on this matter from the girls?


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  • Girls love it when you call them out of the blue. So I say try it. And in the beginning of the conversation ask her what her minutes are if that's the main thing you're worried about. Calling is better than texting in the fact that you can hear each other: laugh, talk, make voices to tell a story, etc. Texting, you can't get any real emotion from it.

    So call her and ask about her day or something after you find out about those minutes. And if she says she can't talk on the phone, ask if she has Skype, that way you can see each other too. Or go back to texting and ask her about her day. She'll like it that you made the effort to call and if it doesn't work out, it was all about the effort.

    Good luck :)


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