Which guy do I choose?

There's a guy I like he's a bit of a bad boy. But I like him for some reason. I feel nervous around him. An I'm pretty sure he likes me to. The problem is I'm not comfortable enough to approach him and chat. This is preventing us from taking the relationship further. I'm getting all the signs. I'm just shy and he needs me to make an effort to. He's a hangabout and I'm a university student. I don't know what I would talk to him about. We need to have something in common. There's another guy at my university who I'm just getting to know.we have things in common. He's on my course and he's in my group. He's sweet and opens doors for me. And he followed me out of the lesson to ask some things about me. I felt comfortable and spoke to him with ease. I didn't feel butterflies around the guy from my university. Does this mean I'm uncomfortable in front of the guy from my area because there's something between us? An I want to have that connection with the university guy as I know we would have more things to talk about. Comments please. I'm torn. My head says one thing and my heart another.

Help people. Please xx


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  • Go for the sweet guy, but it sounds like you have bad boy sindrome and are probably going to go for him instead.

  • Well.. one seems like a friend and another one like more than a friend ;)

    • Does the bad boy sound like more than a friend?

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    • Aww :) Shy.. just like me :) You have to show him some signs. He will surely understand if you smile at him all the time you see him :)

    • Hey yes. Shyyyy lol. I can't even smile. I've stared when I caught him staring. He looked away first. An then he spoke to me after that. I made it obvious that I noticed him.

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