Dating a friend's friend, is it wrong? Please read

Okay so on the weekend my friend had a party at her house. At the end 3 of us ended up staying the night. Myself, our mutual friend, (Guy A) and his friend we didn't know (Guy B).

A and I have known each other since we were kids and anyway we always were more like family than anything else until a few months ago we were both kind of drunk and made out, since then we made it clear that we didn't want anything more and we'd stay mates. Anyway, back to this weekend, we were both a little tipsy at my friend's party and ended up kissing again. After that he wanted more but I avoided it and went to bed. His friend B then came in and said if he could sleep next to me as there was no other bed. We ended up talking all night but nothing happened not even spooning or touching. Anyway the next morning we swapped numbers and today he asked me out for a movie. Now...i don't know what to do because I feel like guy A might get annoyed since he might think me and guy B hooked up after him and I did but we didn't. The reason why I want to see guy B is because he seems a nice guy and guy A made it clear that he doesn't want anything serious with me. He seemed a little weird when he said bye and we haven't talked since the week end, in fact I'm not sure if he knows his friend asked me on a date...Should I talk to A about it? Is it wrong for me to date his friend?


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  • its not wrong for you to date his friend but I would talk to guy A about it.

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