Why can`t I let go of the guy from my past for someone who could be a potential boyfriend?

In the past I was so in love with a guy but he chose another girl over me. It hurt as he told me all the things I wanted to hear that's why its so hard to accept he didn't mean them. He made me think he wanted to be with me but it was clear in the end he wanted sex. As he said let's meet up and have sex and we will see if we want to get together. I didn't go along with this and this is when he stopped talking to me. There's a guy I like who lives extremely close to me. I get the same feeling I had for the other guy with him but I feel more of a connection. As this time around I think the feeling is mutual. I'm scared of being hurt again. This guy has been trying with me since July this year. He's persistent so I believe that he isn't in it just for sex I think he wants more. As the other guy left the scene as soon as I wouldn't put out. I just can't believe that this could be something good. As I've never had a good relationship. Guys normally treat me pretty bad. How can I forget him and press forward with something that could be pretty good. Comments. X

Advice please. No ones commented on a few of my questions. Xxloves


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  • you can probably forget him by getting into a relationship with the new guy, it would defintely ease your mind off of it. but would you ever forget the other guy, most likely not, because of the feelings you once had for him. feelings can be forgotten but temporally, they re-emerge when something happens that you had did with the other guy, but it won't be as strong, but just bring feelings back up. this is a good lesson to learn from though, why because it shows how some guys manipulate girls, sorry to say its easy most of the time, why because we as guys know how to hit the soft spots, but do we mean what we say, part of it, if we only want sex. the way you can tell if we want sex if we ask for it, move your hand towards his penis, other things are kind of both ways, like making out and being touchy, but that's just because of the heat of the moment. also don't let the old guy ruin of what you can do with the new guy, I understand you don't want to be used, and he would understand it if he wants more then sex. also if he is willing to not have sex for a long time then yea he wants a relationship, but don't tell him that you don't want it because of your past experiences of guys using you, that would make him think that he is not as important to you, and not that much appealling, believe me I know, I know that my girlfriend is not ready for sex right now, and I am totally kool with that, but she had sex with guys quicker then me. its not that I want it, its just the thought that you would for another guy, what makes him more special to me. I know you want to learn from your mistakes, but don't limit them, if you understand what I mean. also guys think about sex a lot, does that mean they want it all the time, well tbh, it would be nice, but we also want more then sex if the guy wants a relationship. but thinking about sex and trying for it, is two different things, I told my girlfriend I think about it a lot, but I would never ask for it from her because I am committed to her. we have done oral , but not sex, which is great to me, so try to explore that, its just as satisfying to me, either I do it to her or she does it to me, I just enjoy doing things with her, anything doesn't really matter. but making yourself happy will help you forget about the old guy, it would put your mind on something else, by try not to think about him, you think about him even more.

    • Hey. Wow! Long message. Well your right I will never forget the guy but what I can do is move on and not stop myself from being happy. An yes its easy for guys to fool girls. I'm a fool too. But I've learnt by that mistake. I think I should move on with the new guy. I'm just hesitant to get closed to him as I'm hoping he wants more than sex. He hasn't insinuated that he wants sex. An I don't get that impression from him at all. I think he may be genuine and I would like to give him a chance. I

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    • Hey well I would say I have a pretty face, nice rack and big ass though lol. So do you think the guy I like can tell I'm a virgin?

    • Umm maybe depends if he can pick it up, some guys can some can't, but we are not always right. Also if a girl is a virgin that makes us want he even more and feel special just being with her of they want a relationship.

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