She introduced me to her friends and I like one of her friends...

I met this girl in one of my classes and she's really into me. she's cute but she introduced me to her friends and I'm kind of falling for one of her friends. I'm pretty sure her friend likes me too and all I need to do is ask her on a date. But I feel like that would be a d*** move since the original girl is really into me. I've been in that situation before and the feeling really sucks and I would not want to ever make anyone feel like that. what do?


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  • It's nice that you care about hurting your friend's feelings, but you shouldn't avoid asking a girl you are falling for out because of that.

    You friend will most probably will be hurt, but she'll be hurt eventually when she realizes you are not into her (at least not in that way). That's life. People fall in love and get hurt. You can't avoid not getting hurt sometimes and you can't avoid hurting others sometimes. You just have to try and be nice about it.