Need to Spice Things Up!

After talking to a guy I like for a month we began dating. we've been dating for over 2 wks now and I feel like we need to do something new that can bring us closer together.

We see each other almost every day and this is how things normally go down:

On week days: I'm in college(hes not- dropped out) and I sometimes visit him at home during my 3 hour break inbetween class. During this time he usually sleeps, watches movies with me, or we hook up. Then I go to class.

On week nights: sometimes we go out to drink with our buddies if I don't have class the next day.

On weekends: During the day I might go over to his house and we basically do the same thing that we do on weedays. And at night we might go out and party together. His parents are divorced and his dad lives by the beach so on some weekends he takes me to his dads place and we hang out there. But even then I don't really have as much fun as id like. (ive been there twice)

Hes a sweet guy, he loves me and I think I love him back but I usually feel unsatisfied when I leave him because I feel like the time we are spending together is being wasted. What can I do to make things interesting?


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  • Unfortunately, if you're looking for ways to spice things up, and you've only been together for a few weeks, it's not going to work out, there's no spark with you two. I seriously doubt it's love, but, that's your call.


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