Why is it easier to move on when you know your ex is still into you, or still hanging on?

You know your ex is still into you, or still hanging on?

I was thinking about how every time I realize my ex is still into me I want to be with him even less. Not that I'm complaining haha. Anyone else feel like this? Or know why this happens? I know I'm not the only one.

Hm. I think what I'm getting at is it's always nice to feel wanted by someone who you thought didn't want you, hence the break up. I read about this somewhere and then I thought maybe it kinda applied to me. Who knows! Haha, kinda interesting.


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  • Ah FINALLY. I know why this is.

    It's because when you know someone wants you, it gives you the feeling that maybe others will want you too. If your ex says he/she 'has no feelings for you' anymore, then you think 'Well what if no-one else will either? WHAT DO I DO!'

    So, in short, even though you no longer want to be with that person who likes you, they give you extra motivation that you can get someone else will want you too.


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  • I don't know.. that's weird.. shouldn't it be the opposite?