Should I call him first ?

So basically I met a guy last Saturday night in a club, he was with his mates and I was with my girl friends, we hang out all night.

We had a great time and we ended up in bed together.

He asked for my number in the morning and said he would call. He gave me his number too.

He hasn't called yet. Do you think I should call or text him by Friday ? I'd really like to see him again and he seemed to want to see me again.

Is it true that the man should always contact the girl first ?


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  • I'm afraid you must consider that you were a one night stand, nothing else. However if you don't take a chance you will never know if it could turn into something else. I'm glad you said you were considering calling as texting is pretty lame. Go for it.

    • But then why would he give me his number ? I mean, he could have just taken mine and pretend he'd call...

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  • Don't be the one to make the call. If he gives you the call, then you know you were wanted, and he enjoyed your company. If you make the call, your subconsciously placing him on a pedestal and might come off needy. It will hurt you even more if he doesn't respond the way you wanted. If he's worth it, he'll be the one to call you. Just move on if he doesn't, don't get involved in this emotional mess.

    • Thanks for the answer :) I'll follow your advice !

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  • Sounds like you two had a good time, it was a night and that's it.