Should I give up altogether or try harder?

I like a guy and I think he likes me to. I'm shy and I think he is. I really have a good feeling about him but I've had bad expereinces with men so I'm so afraid of being hurt and let down again. I want to give him a chance. every time I'm unprepared when bumping into him I see him. When I'm prepared and ready to confess he's not around. Its hard work and its seriously getting to me. Why can't I open up and give myself a chance to be happy. I feel like I don't deserve to be for some reason and I have low self esteem which makes me feel unattractive.


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  • It sounds to me like you are really feeling this guy and perhaps maybe even be looking for some form of love or affection from him to get things started. My advice is for you to be ready at all times that way you are never caught off guard. To be honest most men don't like things that are already planned out to go this or that way. We are spontaneous. HINT: Love is not something that you can plan for: You just fall right into it.

    • I really am feeling this guy. Yes I want to feel comfortable to be honest. An yes I need to be ready at all times. Its weird I didn't think I would like him and gradually I have the biggest crush and its overwhelming how he makes me feel.

    • Most of what you are feeling is over exxagerated by you. Your level of shyness and lack of boldness is what is driving that feeling. Let's take a baby step, just ask the guy a simple question the next time you see him (something like how are you? did you see such and such movie? how's the weather?) Anything to break the ice for you to build on. In the end you probably won't have to ask this question because if he is feeling you then he will make the move.

    • Yes as it is frustrating not being able to express how I feel. Yes I think I can do that. Its gonna be hard but may be worth it.

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