What's behind double meanings?

Ok I need your help:

1st situation: a girl suggests things with double meanings to a guy (a lot). The guy only chuckles. Occasionally he'll joke back but doesn't really go too far. The guy never starts any w the girl.

2nd situation: Same guy, diff girl. The guy is always starting double meaning stuff w a shy girl. Anything and everything she says has double meaning to him. She's shy and doesn't know how to react. The girl from the 1st scenario overhears and tries to take his attention away by starting a double meaning. He gives same response to her but will play along but continue to look at shy girl for reaction.

3rd scenario: if shy girl starts one, guy is goofy and amazed. If shy girl plays along w guy's joke, guy continues.

Does the guy like either girl?


Wouldn't there still be a possibility if he likes the 1st girl? He lets the girl say those things afterall.


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  • The guy likes the girl that he is giving the double meanings to. (2nd situation). In the first situation, he is uncomfortable saying something because he is not attracted to her, and doesn't want what he says to be taken the wrong way (i.e. that he is interested in her when he's not).

    • Sometimes he plays along w the 1st girl joking that's she's dirty or "ooooh do it slower slower!" when she's playing with the tassel of her shirt w him and licking her lips as if she's undressing. Each time though he laughs and then looks at the shy girl for her reaction! Does he still like the shy girl if he jokingly starts the double meanings?...

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    • Yes, I am. The more they flirt dirty in front of me, the more he looks at me for a reaction. But I don't find the behavior, hers in particular, funny. Could he possibly be looking at me to see if I'm jealous? I can't think of a time that he doesn't look at me after they do that...it's really hard to cope w that behavior.

    • Maybe when they do it, try to act like you didn't even notice, pretend like your texting, or looking at your phone, or, you could always just walk away when they start that. It is possible he is trying ot see if you're jealous. I would think that would be a turn off. Why did you try to find a real boyfriend and get away from those two?

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