He is cute and flirty when he writes me so why wouldn't he keep the conversation going?

OK so my ex (we broke up 2 years ago) and I are friends and I recently became single and since then he was always really cute and flirty when we met or wrote. now he is at the armed forces now and since he didn't write -not even to my birthday I guess he forgot is- I wrote him and he was flirty and cute again. so we wrote 2 days and yesterday our conversation ended like this: we guess we` ll have an alarm that night so I will go to sleep now but you can fiddle with the size question ;) good night and I replied: maths keeps me busy enough :( good night

and he didn't write anything today now I wonder if he is flirty and cute why wouldn't he keep the conversation going?


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  • You 2 broke up 2 years ago. Quit being an attention queen and go find someone else, leave him alone. Why are you still trying to be all flirty and cutesy? It didn't work out before, it won't work out if you get back together. Leave him alone, cut all conversation and move on with your life, quit toying with the guy.


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