Met him online and now?

been talking off and on for a long time. well over a year. finally got around to hanging out.

now, we met on a site that's like dating oriented. and he's supposedly looking for a relationship. I'm more along the if the right guy pops up mind set...

so we met. hit it off. rather well considering we hooked up. and then twice more, last time I saw him he told me he missed me and when I left that he'd see me soon.

well we haven't really talked about what we're doing. we both kinda flirt with other people on the site we met. but I noticed he's kinda back off on that lately. He's mentioned stuff in the vaguest future tense. like he had me try some food he made and mentioned me trying something else he's good at making.

idk. I don't want to make things awkward with a talk at this point. I just don't know if I should take it seriously or consider it more of a friends with benefits type situation. he actually mentioned the first time we hooked up that he didn't want me with anyone else. but it wasn't in a we're together kinda way.


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  • Why do people like to keep in suspense when they can simply talk to the other person.


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