Hours late reply? Possible interest or just boring/being nice?

So a little background - Got back in touch with an old HS crush ( she added me on FB ) and I got her number over this past weekend. I text her once the following afternoon and we went back and forth for roughly 2 hours. She seemed interested in the conversation. Following my brother's advice, I didn't text her again for 2 days.

Now, here is what is stumping me. I texted her and she didn't reply for 6 hours, long after I figured she was working and couldn't reply and forgot about it. We talked a little and she mentioned she was just chillin and not doing anything that night. Teased her about being boring for a party girl and she never replied, so I just left it for the moment.

Now I'm wondering: Is it possible she has some interest? I mean, why text me 6 hours later if she's just chillin, why not someone else? Or was she just being polite.

Or am I just WAY over thinking this lol.

Small update: Been texting for a little bit, while I work on some school stuff. Small back and forth flirting, etc.

But, for whatever reason, she's not asking me for some of her friends #s ( both male, if that makes a difference ), apparently she lost all her phone contacts. Any idea if this is some test? I don't know any of her friends, so it's a little random and weird.

Again, am I just over thinking little things? =\


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  • You didn't text her for two day, she probs thought hat you are playing texting game with her. Girls don't want to sounds clingy or desperate so when you did that, she wants to shows you she's not a needy girl that sitting around to wait for your message. About if she's interested or not, you have to look at the way she texted you, when a girl is interested on someone, they will flirt ;)

    • This is the first time I've ever done this type of thing, so I'm pretty unsure of what I should be doing. I don't want to appear needy to her lol. God this is so complicated..

      I could use some advice about this kind of thing from a girl. Do I just text her like a regular person, just be flirty to see if she flirts back or what lol ?

    • Only text her at night, probably after 8 or 9 or something :) just text her regularly, its fine but like in a week, just don't text her for a day or maybe two or three days. Flirt with her first, sometimes girls won't flirt first cause they don't want to be desperate, just wait and see if she flirts you back

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  • If you play games, she'll play games too. Don't do that wait 2 days BS, this is the internet age.

    At this point, wait a while let her reply then reply and text back and forth as often as YOU both WANT to. Then find out if she's free and make some plans.

    • Alright thanks!

      I really don't want to f*** this up over texting >_>

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    • I typically find out if she's interested by asking her out, but that is probably not the best for you Cleako, that is "Go big or go home" strategy.

    • Ya, just wana get to know her so it's not awkward when I ask her out